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Gender: M Meaning of Faust: "fortunate one" Origin of Faust: Latin

Because the legendary Faust sold his soul to the devil, few parents would choose this for a child, although Fausto is commonly heard in Italy and Spain.

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Famous People Named Faust

Pop Culture References for the name Faust

King Faust, character in manga/anime "Fairy Tail"
Faust, character in anime "Beyblade: Metal Masters"
Faust VIII, character in manga/anime "Shaman King," a descendant of the original Faust
Faust, character in the "Guilty Gear" fighting game series
Felix Faust, character in DC Comics
Sebastian Faust, character in DC Comics
Dark Faust, character in the Japanese TV series "Ultraman Nexus"
Faust, character in arcade game "Vendetta"
Murdoc Faust Niccals from the band "Gorillaz"


Faust's International Variations

Faustano, Festo, Faustulo, Faustino, Faustín, Fausteno, Fauztino, Fausto (Spanish) Fausto (Portuguese)