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Gender: Female Meaning of Ensley: "one's own meadow" Origin of Ensley: English surname, variation of Ainsley Ensley's Popularity in 2017: #965

The name Ensley is a girl's name meaning "one's own meadow". Ensley is ranked #965 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Celebrity Baby Names.

From the experts:

A unisex surname now seeing some use for girls, as it fits right in with such trendy crossover girls' names as Everly. Ellery and Emery, and others with the popular ly/leigh/lea ending

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Famous People Named Ensley

Ensley Bingham, English male boxer
Ensley Jolie Eason (b. 2017), daughter of Jenelle Evans of MTV's "Teen Mom 2"

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raefrank Says:


If your name is Ensley, or if your most precious blessing is named Ensley, there are more people in the world who love that name than the few people posting here.
Everyone else, please remember that there are little girls out there who are going to look their names up, and could possibly be crushed by opinions expressed in less than graceful tones. There are also new mothers with fragile emotional states who may not be ready to shrug off random strangers' tactless choice of words. Differing opinions are good, but let's be kind.

S.nsmith Says:


Sad discussion! I have loved this name for years, and finally had a daughter I could give it to last year. We have a strong English heritage and it is quite fitting of raising a daughter to follow her own path (so to speak). We call her Enz or Enzi, and I disagree that the name is too "cutesy", especially given that many "girly" sounding English names have historically been boy names.

Sagebrush Says:


I prefer Eisley.

NameLover 11 Says:


my old orthodontist had this as his last name. When I hear it I just think about braces. and teen mom.

pam Says:


I agree with both of you -- well said. We welcome a range of opinions on names, as evidenced by this open comments forum, but please don't cross the line to using harsh words such as tacky or ugly or trashy.

clairels Says:


Well said. There are plenty of names I don't like, but I always strive to articulate why instead of just bashing them. Using terms like "tacky" "trashy" or "stripper" crosses a line to a personal attack on the parents who use them, particularly those from certain socioeconomic classes. And I think we need to be mindful of that.

iipostmvh Says:


I really dislike seeing (hearing) words like tacky, ugly, or trashy in name discussions. I don't get it. What makes a name these things anyway? While Ensley is not my style, it is a perfectly fine name, it has origins, a meaning, it's within current trends, and I'm sure for some people even more of a personal connection.

lawsonhaley Says:


I actually love Ensley - I think it's spunky and cute. But then again, I love Teen Mom and Jenelle Evans, so I guess I'm into tacky names!

Melissa T. Says:


It sounds made up

sunshinexoxo Says:


This is just a "meh" name. Nothing really special about it. I don't like it for a girl or a human... maybe cool for a dog?

hannahgracewilson Says:



TheUsernameWasAlreadyTaken Says:


I wouldn't say that calling a name 'tacky' is deserving of the severe label of 'unbridled hate'. It's fine to disagree with someone, but it's important to remember that your opinion is no more relevant or appropriate than theirs, and vice versa.

clairels Says:


Fair enough. It's definitely not everyone's style, but It's not deserving of unbridled hate.

TheUsernameWasAlreadyTaken Says:


Ensley isn't the most tacky name, that's true. But that doesn't mean it isn't tacky in general. And the Jenelle Evans association really doesn't help. I'm not sure if I'd call it tacky straight up but, I will say that it's certainly not a classy, sophisticated, upper-class type of name. But to each their own.

clairels Says:


Wow, judgmental much? What's so tacky about Ensley, anyway? I can think of hundreds of tackier names.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Teen Mom "star" Jenelle Evans gave this name to her newest child, as if the name wasn't tacky enough already...

Having said that, what bothers me about it the most is the style. At the end of it all Ensley is just another bland, sort of characterless, cut-out cutesy "-ey" name to add to the pile of other trendy, juvenile, baby-like names along the lines of Paisley, Tinsley, Kinsley, Aubree, Brinleigh, Marley, Bryley, Everley, Skylee, Mckinley etc. I know that people will disagree but I'm personally tired of these sticky-sweet names and would much rather see stronger, more distinctive girl names being used in their place...