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Gender: Male Origin of Emo: Modern invented name

The name Emo is a boy's name . Emo and discussed in our forums with posts like "Sibset Makeover Game! Boys".

From the experts:

If you're not finding Nemo unusual enough, consider the even more eccentric Emo, which may have been invented by comedian Emo Philips.

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Famous People Named Emo

Emo Phillips, an eccentric comedian

Pop Culture References for the name Emo

A genre of music
"F--- Emo" a song by Cheap Sex
Emo, an 2000s form for a person who wears all black and listens to depressing punk and grunge and alt. Worse than being goth.


ambercat Says:


So what happens when little Emo grows up to be a jock, prep, nerd, or something other than emo?

letmein Says:



Eliane Says:


Hey, at least you'd stick with your name theme ;D

lesliemarion Says:


Got a good belly laugh out of this one, which is something for a Monday morning. Would his sister be named Goth and his brother named Jock?

Fluffykitten101 Says:


People consider this a name? For an angsty teen, perhaps, but this name is just downright stupid. Imagine a job interview: 'Hi, I'm Emo.' 'Uh, ok. Can I get your actual name please?'

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Might wanna pass on using this one.