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Gender: F Meaning of Emerald: "green" Origin of Emerald: Gem name; Persian

Emerald is the intriguing color and jewel name of the deep green stone treasured as far back as ancient Egypt--it's supposed to open one's heart to wisdom and to love and be good for strengthening relationships-- which could make for an interesting, unusual name, particularly with the popularity of so many Em-starting names.

Emerald is the birthstone of May, making it extra appropriate for a girl born in that month. Some pleasant associations: the Emerald Isle and the Emerald City.

Esmeralda is the more exotic Spanish version.

Famous People Named Emerald

Lady Emerald Cunard (née Burke; original forenames Maud Alice), 1872-1948, US-born London society hostess
Emerald Fennell, born 1 October 1985, English actress and author

Pop Culture References for the name Emerald

It's the birthstone of May.
Emerald City, from "The Wizard of Oz"
Emerald Sustrai, character in web series RWBY voiced by Katie Newville

Emerald's International Variations

Esmeralda, Emeraldina, Emeralda, Emelda (Spanish) Emeraude (French)