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Gender: Female Meaning of Elfrida: "elf power" Origin of Elfrida: English

The name Elfrida is a girl's name of English origin meaning "elf power". Elfrida and discussed in our forums with posts like "Love, Like, Lose -- Outlandish/Guilty Pleasures edition!".

From the experts:

Elfrida is unappealing on every level.

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Famous People Named Elfrida

Elfrida Andrée, Swedish organist and composer
Elfriede Lohse-Wächtler (1899-1940), German painter
Elfriede Jelinek, Austrian playwright and novelist
Elfrida Pigou (1911-60), Canadian mountaineer
Elfrida Vipont, English children's author
Elfrida (Ælfthryth), 11th century wife of Edgar, King of England

Pop Culture References for the name Elfrida

Elfride Swancourt, heroine of Thomas Hardy's 'A Pair of Blue Eyes' (1873)
Lady Elfrida, mother of Edward Tilney in 'Friends and Relations' (1931) by Elizabeth Bowen


justthinkin Says:


Lol I think this one's adorable....

oliviamcdonald Says:


Well I like it. Only thing is it sounds a little like Alfredo but that’s probably just because I’m obsessed with pasta

josephinedagnall Says:


I love the otherworldly feel of Anglo-Saxon names. I have a feeling I actually have met an Elfrida before, although I can't remember when or where. There are many records of Anglo-Saxon Elfridas, including the first crowned queen of England! In the UK, there are many mentions of Elfridas in cathedrals and other ancient buildings, and I've always quite liked the name. I think part of the reason why Elfrida is seen as 'unappealing on every level' is because people like the Nameberry editors keep telling people it is. Really, I'd much rather meet an Elfrida than the fiftieth Olivia that day, and at least this name has an ancient history and a cool meaning, which is more than can be said for Jayden, Jaelyn etc!

Scorpio Says:


Geez, way to be rude with that description there, Nameberry...

Rosie2525 Says:


The D!$ks who control nameberry 😒 I'm sorry, but can't they just give name info and NOT their personal opinion??

Cindor Says:


"unappealing on every level" says who?

ARead Says:


There's something so ancient and mysterious and almost otherworldly about Anglo-Saxon names--I love them! Most are a little too rare, though, for my husband's taste. I'd love to meet a little Elfrida! Better than meeting the 900th Emma that week!

ingridanne Says:


I think it has a very nice antique-y sound to it!

RoddyThlayli Says:


I really like Elfrida, although I prefer the spelling Elfreda-- I think the meaning 'elf power' is pretty cool, and the nn Freda/Frida is nice as well. I think it deserves more use, although I'm apparently in the minority.

snowsbeloved Says:


Yes, but Elfride (as in, Elfride Swancourt) has potential. Maybe make a separate page for that variant?

Lena_Aline Says:


Elf power? Eek.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I quite agree. Elfrida has no redeeming factors for me.