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Gender: F Pronunciation: EN-ya Meaning of Eithne: "nut kernel" Origin of Eithne: Gaelic

Name of a goddess who survived only on milk. Pretty and soulful, but the phonetic spelling Enya might be easier for kids outside of the Irish culture. It comes from the vocabulary word kernel, which was used as a term of praise in old bardic poetry.

Famous People Named Eithne

Eithne Bhraonain (better known as Enya), Irish singer
Eithne Strong (b. 1923), Irish poet and writer of fiction

Pop Culture References for the name Eithne

Also translates as Etna from Gaelic, both pronunciations are used across Ireland, depending on dialect.

Ethne Eustace, heroine of A.E.W. Mason's 1902 novel 'The Four Feathers'

Ena, Aithnea, Ethnee, Eithne, Ethnea, Ethnah, Aine, Enya