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Gender: M Meaning of Egan: "little fire" Origin of Egan: Variation of Aidan, Irish

Egan's likeness to the word eager gives this Irish surname a ready-to-please, effervescent energy, and it would make an appropriate substitute for the overused Aidan.

This popular Irish surname originated in County Tipperary.

Egan O'Rahilly (born Aogan O Raithaille) was the outstanding poet of his age, specializing in the vision poem, or aisling, in which he told of prophesies that Ireland would triumph over her enemies. In folklore, this Egan is depicted as a wise trickster.

Famous People Named Egan

Egan Inoue, American-Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter
Kian Egan, member of Irish boy band Westlife
Thomas Egan, American gangster and founder of Egan's Rats
Elizabeth Egan Gillies, American actress and singer

Pop Culture References for the name Egan

Egan Foote, character on TV's "The Nine"
Egan, character in David Stahler Jr.'s Truesight series
Barry Egan, character in movie "Punch-Drunk Love"

Eagan, Eagen, Eagon, Egann, Egen, Eghan, Egon, Keegan, Macegan

Egan's International Variations

Aodhgan (Irish Gaelic) Iagan (Scottish)