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Gender: Male

The name Doug is a boy's name . Doug and is often added to user-created lists like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and discussed in our forums with posts like "Last thing you ate = Baby names".

Variation of Dougal

Variation of Douglas

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Famous People Named Doug

Douglas Richard "Doug" Flutie, American NFL player
Doug E. Doug (born Douglas Bourne), American actor
Doug E. Fresh (born Douglas E. Davis), American rapper and beatboxer
Douglas Lee "Doug" Williams, American NFL player
Douglas James "Doug" Kershaw, American bluegrass musician
Douglas Anthony "Doug" Hutchison, American actor
Douglas Craig "Doug" Bennett, Canadian lead singer of band Doug and the Slugs
Doug Jones, American actor
Douglas Reid "Doug" Jones, American baseball pitcher
Doug Walker, YouTuber of Nostalgia Critic
Doug Wright, American playwright
Douglas Jackson "Doug" Stone, American country music singer
Douglas "Doug" Seegers, American country music singer
Douglas Steven "Doug" Benson, American comedian/actor

Pop Culture References for the name Doug

Douglas Yancey "Doug" Funnie, main character on animated series "Doug"
Doug Swallow, character in video game "Ace Attorney"
Doug Madsen, character in movie "Wild Hogs"
Doug Rattmann, scientist from the Valve game "Portal"
Doug Maheswaran, father of Connie in animated series "Steven Universe"
Doug Borski, character on Canadian animated series Sons of Butcher
Doug Carter, character on the British soap opera Hollyoaks
Douglas "Doug" Williams, character on American soap "Days of Our Lives"
Doug McKenzie, character on "SCTV"
Douglas "Doug" Potts, character in the British soap opera Emmerdale
Doug Willis, character on the Australian soap Neighbours
Doug, baby in the comic strip "Dog Eat Doug"
Doug-Doug Skippy Bob Dracula Perceval Trevor Ricky Jack Lancelot Baby Bat Benny Benny Bo Benny Bananana Bo Benny Benny Bo Benny Montgomery-Rockwell, a character on French-Canadian parody soap "Le coeur a ses raisons"