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Gender: M Meaning of Dermot: "free from envy" Origin of Dermot: Irish, Anglicization of Diarmaid

Dermot is an appealing, relatively undiscovered Irish mythological hero's name long popular in the Old Country, and imported into the American consciousness by actor Dermot Mulroney. We see it in the next Celtic wave following Connor and Liam.

The name Dermot was borne by several early kings and a number of saints, as well as the legendary king of Tara. A further plus: The legendary Diarmaid 
(pronounced DEER-mit), a member of the band of Finn MacCool, had a mark on his face that caused women to fall instantly and madly in love with him.

Kermit the Frog owes his name to a regional variant of Dermot.

Famous People Named Dermot

Dermot Mulroney, American actor
(Seán) Dermot Fintan O'Leary, British television and radio presenter
Dermot Christopher Ahern, Irish cabinet minister
Dermot Weld, Irish racehorse trainer
Dermot John Morgan, Irish actor/comedian
Dermot Gallagher, Irish football referee
Dermott Brereton, Australian Rules Football player and TV presenter

Pop Culture References for the name Dermot

Dermitt, Dermott, Dermit, Diarmid, Diarmauid

Dermot's International Variations

Dermid, Dermit, Dermitt, Dermott, Diarmad (Scottish)