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Gender: Female Pronunciation: de-LAY-nee Meaning of Delaney: "dark challenger" Origin of Delaney: Irish Delaney's Popularity in 2017: #250

The name Delaney is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "dark challenger". Delaney is ranked #250 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Names That Mean Dark and discussed in our forums with posts like "Drop you least favourite (girls with middles)".

From the experts:

Delaney has been a popular Irish surname name for a couple of decades, projecting buoyant enthusiasm plus a feminine feel.

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Famous People Named Delaney

Delaney Collins, Canadian hockey player
Delaney Gibson, American singer/songwriter
Delaney Katherine McBride (b. 1994), daughter of singer Martina McBride
Delaney Buchwald (b. 1995), daughter of singer Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane
Delaney Gillespie (b. 2012), daughter of cricketer Jason Gillespie
Sarah Delaney Buffett (b. 1992), daughter of singer Jimmy Buffett

Pop Culture References for the name Delaney

Delaney "Lane" Park McEvoy, main character in Kat Falls' "Inhuman."
"Delaney," song by YouTube band Cimorelli
"Miss Delaney," song by the band Jack's Mannequin
Amanda Delaney, minor character in Baby Sitter's Club series
Jess Delaney, main character in Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick


bordercollie Says:


This name has grown on me recently, and now, it's actually one of my favorites. I used to find it whiny, dated, and overly common, but not anymore. Now, I think it's charming, adorably tomboyish, and wearable for any age.

Selkit Says:


Huh, all this time I thought this name was pronounced DELL-uh-nee. Oops! I think it sounds pretty either way, and I love the meaning. Girls' names don't have to be all sweetness and light.

Eliane Says:


Am I the only one that pronounces it like De-LAHN-ee? I think that sounds more beautiful that De-LAY-nee, that sounds a bit like delay.

xaliciax Says:


Perfect name for a girl who's got spunk. Actually kind of mad another relative has used this before I can, haha.

DeLani Blitz Says:


My name is DeLani. I've always went by Dee but now I apreciate the beautiful name my mother gave me!!

laneyj Says:


My name is Delaney, but I go by the nickname Laney. :)

bboxbritt Says:


Lane or Laney
Del or Della

Margot_86 Says:


Whoah, what a badass meaning for a name! I love the sound of it and the definition. Could there be a nickname for it, though?

Amber Renee Says:


I read on other sites it can also mean "child of dark defiance". Personally I really love the sound and meaning of this name.

RagittyAndi Says:


I named my daughter Dalaney Jean in 96. I changed the spelling to DAL for my grampa Dale who died when I was 4 months pregnant with her. We usually call her Laney.

DolphinLover17 Says:


I love this name! Its not my number one favorite names but i still LOVE IT!

flora_kate Says:


I always thought this was pronounced DELL-uh-nee until I actually met a little little Delaney and realized my error. Either way, I don't really like it, the meaning is too dark for my taste.

Nicole4383 Says:


This is my niece's name. We call her Laney.

Angelicaecb Says:


I knew a girl whose last name was Delaney, completely ruined it for me too.

AprilRobin Says:


Thank you for replying my friend will greatly appreciate it :)

ShannonLim Says:


That would work! I love the name/nn Della. Although I know someone an Adelaide and have rather negative associations with Adelaide. However, its still a pretty cool name. Delaney would be a great choice too :)

AprilRobin Says:


A friend of mine wants to use this name but it was kind of ruined for her by a girl she knows so she was wondering if this could be a nickname for Adelaide since Laney can be a nickname for both as can Della. So could Delaney be a nickname for Adelaide? She would be greatful for any feedback