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Gender: M Meaning of Dave: "beloved" Origin of Dave: Short form of David, Hebrew

Dave is the ultimate good guy name, but where father name David is still holding onto a spot in the Top 20, Dave -- widely used as an independent name in the middle of the last century -- dropped off the Top 1000 a few decades ago and shows no signs of a comeback. Baby Davids today, often named for dad or grandpa, are more likely to be called David than Dave.

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Famous People Named Dave

David John "Dave" Franco, American actor
David Michael "Dave" Mirra, American professional BMX rider
David Eric "Dave" Grohl, American musician of the Foo Fighters
Dave Matthews, American musician
Dave Brubeck, American jazz pianist
Dave Grusin, American film composer
David Michael "Dave" Bautista, Jr., American actor and pro wrestler
Dave Holland, English jazz double bassist
David Khari Webber "Dave" Chappelle, American comedian
David Allen "Dave" Meltzer, American sports journalist
David Scott "Dave" Mustaine, lead guitarist for American band Metallica
David "Dave" Fleischer, American animator
David Scott "Dave" Foley, Canadian actor
David Victor "Dave" Sim, Canadian cartoonist
David "Dave" Sexton, English footballer
David Allan "Dave" Righetti, American baseball player and coach
David Mark "Dave" Winfield, American baseball player
Dave (born Wouter Otto Levenbach), Dutch-French pop singer
David "Dave" Nizam Baksh, Canadian guitarist of Sum 41 and Brown Brigade
Dave Sinclair, English keyboardist of Caravan and Canterbury Scene
Dave Rodgers (born Giancarlo Pasquini), Italian songwriter
David "Dave" Rodman Annable, American actor
David "Dave" Gardner, British sports agent
Dave Moss aka Lasercorn, American YouTuber and member of Smosh Games

Pop Culture References for the name Dave

Dave, character in short story "I'll Never Do It Again" by author Tina Tirrell
Dave Skylark, one of the 2 main characters in the comedy film "The Interview", portrayed by James Franco
"Dave the Barbarian," animated Disney TV series
Dave Strider, character in web comic "Homestuck"
Dave Tiler, from UK TV series "Single Father", portrayed by David Tennant
Dave Buznik, character in the movie "Anger Management"
Dave Rose, character from series "Happy Endings"
David "Dave" Stutler, main character in the movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
Dave Hodgman, character in the movie "The First Time"
Dave Seville, character in the Alvin and the Chipmunks series
Dave Turner, character on TV's "Degrassi: The Next Generation"
Dave, character in the Marvel movie "Ant-Man"