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Gender: Female Meaning of Clarabelle: "bright and beautiful" Origin of Clarabelle: Latin

The name Clarabelle is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "bright and beautiful". Clarabelle and is often added to lists like Names That Mean Beautiful and discussed in our forums with posts like "Picky Parents BNG".

From the experts:

Clown and cow name.

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Famous People Named Clarabelle

Clarabelle Barrett, American would-be swimmer of the English Channel
Clarabelle Esme Kaufman (b. 2014), daughter of musician John Kaufman of The National

Pop Culture References for the name Clarabelle

Clarabell the Clown, (male) sidekick on "The Howdy Doody Show"
Clarabelle, one of the moonshine-making elderly sisters on "The Andy Griffith Show"
Clarabelle Cow, Disney character; friend of Mickey Mouse
Clarabelle, chicken in picture book series Agnes and Clarabelle by Adele Griffin
Clarabelle V. Lee, character in the Andy Hardy film series
Clarabelle, character in film "Dear Wendy"
Clarabelle Schneider, character in film "I Love Melvin"

Claribell, Clarabella, Claribel


Daiseymae Says:


Clarabelle the Clown dates back to the 1950s from Captain Kangaroo.

Essa Says:


Clarabelle is really pretty. Similar to Isabelle, Gabrielle, Arabella etc and of course Clara, this could easily fit in to a school yard today. Sadly, the description of clown and cow name is probably going to put people off, please don't let it!

bluedanube Says:


This name description definitely needs an update. "Clown and cow name" is rude and shortsighted. With the revival of all names Victorian, and the resurgence of classically feminine names, Clarabelle fits right in. It's beautiful.

michelle-325 Says:


the authors of name berry are obviously lost in the nineties, and clearly have no intelligent unbiased description for this name. i think this is such a sweet and pretty name for any girl. this seriously needs to be updated. there are some really awful names on Nameberry that get a much better write up. UPDATE!!!

Zelliew Says:


Interesting ! It's not a name you hear in Australia - I think it makes a good name for a cow.

Lavender2 Says:


This is a really beautiful name, I love it. It's unusual without being outlandish. I think the description you've given nameberry is very outdated and small minded. You should really update it.

GemmaDoll Says:


Can we get an update of the description of this name?

Gea Marín Says:


I agree with you all- the description is pretty damn dumb, but it's not rude. There IS a very funny, Disney cow named Clarabelle! and actually that's the only thing I ever think of when I hear this name. She's friends with Minnie and Daisy, look it up!

mysoutherncomfortzone Says:


Jeez, Nameberry. You've given this nice name a very dumb and rude description. What's up with that?

caroblaise Says:


This name is gorgeous, and has a variety of beautiful nicknames

StarlaMoonGarden Says:


This is a beautiful name. I feel offended that tall this site could say about it was that it was a "cow and clown name". Just because some people don't like it, doesn't mean that you have to belittle it and give it a bad wrap. It's beautiful.