Heartkris-tee-AH-na; kris-tee-AHN
German and French feminine form of Christian
"follower of Christ"

Christiane Origin and Meaning

The name Christiane is a girl's name of German, French origin.
There are not one but two notable modern women with this name: journalist Christiane Amanpour and physician/author Christiane Northrup. In Germany, the pronunciation is kris-tee-AH-na while in France, it's kris-tee-AHN — and in the U.S., there's sure to be confusion. While Christiane is not stylish, it's a strong, attractive, unusual-though-familiar name.

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Famous People Named Christiane

  • Christiane Eberhardine of BrandenburgBayreuth, Queen consort of Augustus II of Poland
  • Christiane AmanpourBritish,Iranian TV journalist
  • Christiane Maria dos Santos TorloniBrazilian actress
  • Christiane NussleinVolhard, German biologist and winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Christiane JolissaintSwiss tennis player
  • Christiane SoederGerman,Austrian cyclist
  • Christiane F. (born Vera Christiane Felscherinow)German actress, basis for the book/film "We Children from Bahnhof Zoo"
  • Christiane DemontésFrench Senator
  • Christiane HummelFrench Senator
  • Christiane KammermannFrench Senator
  • Christiane TaubiraFrench Minister of Justice
  • Christiane MercelisBelgian tennis player
  • Christiane GuhelFrench ice dancer
  • Christiane NorthrupAmerican physician and author
  • Christiane KrauseGerman Olympic runner
  • Christiane Friederike Wilhelmine "Minna (Minchen)" HerzliebGerman foster,daughter of publisher Karl Ernst Friedrich Frommann and muse of Goethe

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