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Gender: Female Meaning of Chava: "life" Origin of Chava: Hebrew

The name Chava is a girl's name of Hebrew, Yiddish origin meaning "life". Chava and is often added to lists like Girl Names That Mean Life and discussed in our forums with posts like "Picky parents BNG!".

From the experts:

The Biblical form of Eve; Ava or Eva are more appealing.

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Famous People Named Chava

Chava voor in 't Holt, Dutch actress

Pop Culture References for the name Chava

Chava, third daughter in the musical "Fiddler on the Roof"
Chava, golem in "The Golem and the Djinni" by Helene Wecker
''Chav'' or ''Charver'' (pronounced chava) is a UK slang term for a lower-class thug

Kaija, Chavvis, Chayka, Chave, Chaya, Chavé, Kaÿa, Chabah, Haya, Chavarra, Chavah, Hava, Chaviva, Chavarria, Eva, Chavalah, Chavette, Chavae


CocoaPuff Says:


Different pronounciation so you know.

CocoaPuff Says:


Right? Frankly, i think the adage, "if you have nothing nice to say..." ought to apply to Nameberry's staff. It seems like ethnic names often get the short end of the stick on this site.

scblovesnames Says:


I think this is very pretty. Definitely think nameberry should keep their opinions on names more nuetral and fair. I'm not a fan of Eva or Evie. I prefer Eve, but this makes a perfect alternative.

disqus_J1CtzFb81Q Says:


Daughter is named Chava. This is the name of Eve as named and pronounced in the original Hebrew in the bible (old testament). As a pet name, we often call her Havi (like hah-vee).

Sweekune Says:


I love this name after discovering it in The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker. Unfortunately I could never use it due to its similarities with the word "chav"