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Gender: F Origin of Candy: Diminutive of Candace

Too sugary sweet and inconsequential for a modern girl.

Famous People Named Candy

Candy Darling (born James Lawrence Slattery), American actress and Andy Warhol associate
Carole Gene "Candy" Spelling, American author and TV personality; widow of producer Aaron Spelling
Candace June "Candy" Clark, American actress
Candy Alt Crowley, American news anchor
Candy Barr (born Juanita Dale Slusher), American model, actress and dancer
Candy Jones (born Jessica Arline Wilcox), American model and radio personality
Candy Hsu, Taiwanese singer-songwriter and actress
Candy Lo, Hong-Kong singer-songwriter
Candy Chen, Taiwanese actress, singer and TV personality
Candy Reynolds, American tennis player
Candy Dulfer, Dutch saxophonist
Candice Kathleen "Candy" Atherton, English politician

Pop Culture References for the name Candy

Candy Stoker, character on TV's "My Name Is Earl"
Candy Kendall, character in movie "The Cider House Rules"
Candy Christian, character in "Candy" by Maxwell Kenton and 1968 movie
Candy Kong, ape in the Donkey Kong video game series
Candice "Candy" Southern, character in Marvel's X-Men comics
Candice Jean "Candy" Gennaro aka Sapphire, character in DC's Power Company comics
DJ Candy, character in the MySims video game series
Etta Candy, character in Wonder Woman comics
Candy, character in John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"
Candy, character on animated series "Dave the Barbarian"
Candy, character in anime "Smile PreCure!"
Candy Caramella, character on animated series "Space Goofs"
Candy Smiles, character on TV's "Cory in the House"
Candice "Candy" White Audrey, main character in anime "Candy Candy"
Candy, character in "Liar and Spy" by Rebecca Stead
Candy, character in "Spring Breakers" by Harmony Korine
"Candy," novel by Kevin Brooks and its main character
"Candy," novel by Luke Davies, 2006 film, and its main character
"Candy," song by Robbie Williams
"I Want Candy," song by the Strangeloves
"Candy," song by Gavin DeGraw