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Gender: F

Variation of Cambria

Variation of Camellia

Variation of Cameo

Variation of Camila

Variation of Camille

Variation of Camilla

Famous People Named Cami

Cami-Li (born Camila Figueras), Puerto Rican-American model and reality TV personality
Cami Dalton, American romance novelist
Carmen Jane "Cami" Bradley, American singer-songwriter
Cami Privett, American soccer player
Camille "Cami" Levin, American soccer player
Cami McCormick, American radio journalist
Cami Parker, American sex worker and reality TV personality ("Cathouse")
Cami Edwards, American reality TV personality ("Laguna Beach")

Pop Culture References for the name Cami

Camilla "Cami," character in "Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws" by Janette Rallison
Cami, character on an episode of TV's "American Dad"
Cami, short for "camisole," a women's undergarment