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Gender: F Pronunciation: ka-TREE-na Meaning of Caitriona: "pure" Origin of Caitriona: Gaelic variation of Catherine

Both Caitriona and Catriona are commonly heard in Scotland and Ireland. The name was brought to Ireland by the Anglo-Normans, and is the source of nicknames Cait, Caitin, Caitlin and Triona. Actress Caitrona Balfe has gained recognition for her role on Outlander. Pronunciation is like the more phonetic Katrina.

Famous People Named Caitriona

Caitriona Balfe, Irish model and actress
Caitríona Ruane, Northern Irish politician
Caitríona O'Leary, Irish traditional singer
Caitríona O'Reilly, Irish poet
Caitriona Jennings, Irish distance runner
Caitriona Mary Beggs, Irish cricketer

Pop Culture References for the name Caitriona

Caitriona Cassidy, character on Irish TV series "Fair City"