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Gender: M Meaning of Bogdan: "gift from God" Origin of Bogdan: Russian

Funny, you don't sound Russian.

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Famous People Named Bogdan

Bogdan I the Founder (Romanian: Bogdan Intemeietorul) was the third or fourth voivode of Moldavia (c. 1363 - c. 1367).[1][2] He and his successors established the independence of Moldavia, freeing the territory east of the Carpathian Mountains of Hungarian and Tatar domination.

Bogdan II (1409 - “1451) was the Prince of Moldavia between October 12, 1449 and October 17, 1451, when he was assassinated by Petru Aron. The assassination put Moldavia into a civil war which lasted until his son Stephen gained the Moldavian throne in 1457.

Bogdan III the One-Eyed (Romanian: Bogdan al III-lea cel Chior) or Bogdan III the Blind (Romanian: Bogdan al III-lea cel Orb) (1470/1471 - April 20, 1517) Voivode of Moldavia from July 2, 1504 to 1517.

Pop Culture References for the name Bogdan

Bogdan Wolynetz, original car wash owner on Breaking Bad
Bogdan or Bohdan appears in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. It is derived from the Slavic words "Bog/Boh", meaning "god", and "dan", meaning "given". The name appears to be an early calque from Byzantine Theodotus (Theodosius) with the same meaning.[1] The name is also used as a surname.