Diminutive of Sabina and other -ina names, Yiddish or Hebrew
"bee or understanding"

Bina Origin and Meaning

The name Bina is a girl's name of Hebrew, Czech origin meaning "bee or understanding".
Sources say that Bina, which is close to the word for bee in Yiddish, was once used as a translation for the Hebrew Deborah, which means bee. But it also means understanding in Hebrew. Like all the Tina-Gina-Ina names, it tends to feel somewhat incomplete.

20 Names Similar to Bina

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Famous People Named Bina

  • Bina Raistage name of Krishna Sarin, Indian actress

Bina in Pop Culture

  • Binadaughter in the movie Yours, Mine, & Ours
  • Binapossible nickname for Sabina, Jacobina, Albina, Colombina, etc.
  • Binacharacter in the Tal Am Hebrew learning program

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