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Gender: F Origin of Bette: Diminutive of Elizabeth

Pronounced a la Bette (Betty) Davis or Bette (Bet) Midler, a twentieth-century relic. Though if the equally vintage Betty comes back, Bette may be close behind.

Famous People Named Bette

Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis, American actress
Bette Midler, American singer/actress
Bette Cooper, Miss America 1937
Bette Greene, American children's novelist
Bette Franke, Dutch model
Bette Claire Nesmith Graham, American inventor of White-Out; mother of musician Michael Nesmith of The Monkees

Pop Culture References for the name Bette

"Bette Davis Eyes," 1974 song by Kim Carnes
Bette Porter, Jennifer Beals's character in TV's "The L Word"
Bette Kane, character from DC comics
Bette Tattler, half of double-headed character on "American Horror Story: Freak Show"
Bette San Souci aka Plastique, character on TV's "The Flash"