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Gender: M Meaning of Berkeley: "where birches grow" Origin of Berkeley: English

The Brits say BARK-lee, but we pronounce it the same as the name of the California college: either way it's quite pretentious and of another era.

Famous People Named Berkeley

(Guy) Berkeley "Berke" Breathed, American cartoonist
Berkeley William Enos, birth name of Busby Berkeley, American film choreographer
George Berkeley, Anglo-Irish philosopher
Anthony Berkeley Cox, English crime novelist
Berkeley Moynihan, knighted british surgeon

Pop Culture References for the name Berkeley

Berkeley is a city in California.
Berkeley is a disused nuclear power station in Gloucestershire, UK.
The University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) is a top public university in California.
Berkeley Carroll, a K-12 private school in Brooklyn
Berkeley Hunt, cockney rhyming slang for c**t

Barcley, Berkie, Barkley, Berky, Barklie, Barklay, Berk, Berklee, Birkley, Berkley, Birkeley