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Gender: M Origin of Benji: Diminutive of Benjamin

Benji is undeniably cute, much in the way of a -- yes, an adorable movie mutt. But when a name comes with a readymade nickname as handsome and strong as Ben, why would you opt for Benji?

Famous People Named Benji

Benji Madden, American musician
Benji Marshall, Australian NRL Player
Benji Schwimmer, American professional dancer
Benji Aflalo, part of the comedy duo Esther and Benji, American comedian, writer, actor, and producer

Pop Culture References for the name Benji

Benji, fictional dog of several "Benji" movies, 1974-2000s
Benji Healy, character from TV series "American Gothic"
Benji Dunn, character from the "Mission Impossible" franchise