Spanish or German
"pretty one, or, serpent"

Belinda Origin and Meaning

The name Belinda is a girl's name of German, Spanish origin meaning "pretty one, or, serpent".
Belinda, cousin of Linda and Melinda, enjoyed a brief return to the Top 1000 from 2005 through 2013, only to fall off again in 2014. A name that some may consider a modern spin on the midcentury popularity queen Linda is in fact a classic with deep and fascinating roots. In Babylonian mythology Belinda was the goddess of heaven and earth, and the name later was used for the heroine of Alexander Pope's satirical poem The Rape of the Lock.

One of Belinda's meanings is 'beautiful snake' (coined at a time when snakes were a sacred symbol of wisdom and immortality) and it still does seem to have a certain lingering serpentine charm.

Belinda entered the US popularity lists in 1940, and went on to reach Number 142 in 1961. Both Maria Edgeworth and Anne Rice wrote eponymous novels called Belinda.

Belinda Carlisle was the lead vocalist in "The Go-Go's."

Belinda Popularity

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Famous People Named Belinda

  • Belinda Jo CarlisleAmerican lead singer of The Go,Go's
  • (Sue) Belinda GiblinAustralian actress
  • Belinda Lynette GreenAustralian beauty queen; Miss World 1972
  • Belinda PeregrinMexican singer
  • Belinda LuscombeAustralian journalist
  • Belinda BencicSwiss tennis player
  • Belinda MontgomeryCanadian,American actress and painter
  • Belinda HeggenAustralian journalist and news presenter
  • Belinda Caroline StronachCanadian businesswoman and politician
  • Belinda StewartWilson, English actress
  • Belinda Jane EmmettAustralian actress and singer
  • Belinda Earlstyle director of Marks and Spencer
  • Belinda Bauer (born Belinda Sylvia Taubman)Australian,American actress
  • Belinda BauerBritish author
  • Belinda BalaskiAmerican actress
  • Belinda SinclairBritish actress

Belinda in Pop Culture

  • Aunt Belindacharacter from "The Sea is All Around"
  • Miss Belinda Bedecharacter in Barbara Pym's novel "Some Tame Gazelle"
  • Belindaone of Bob Cratchit's children (alongside Martha, Peter, and Tiny Tim) in "A Christmas Carol" (1843) by Charles Dickens
  • BelindaHerbert Pocket's hopeless and useless mother in Dickens's "Great Expectations" (1861)
  • Belindaniece to Lady Brute in Sir John Vanbrugh's comedy "The Provok'd Wife" (1697)
  • Belindaa society beauty in Pope's "Rape of the Lock" (1712); one of the moons of Uranus is named after this character
  • Belindacousin to Araminta, an affected lady in love with Bellmour, in Congreve's 1793 comedy "The Old Bachelor"
  • Belinda Portmanheroine of "Belinda," an 1801 novel by Irish writer Maria Edgeworth
  • Belinda Blanchardfrom the Anne Rice novel "Belinda" (1986)
  • Belinda Towerscharacter in the "St Clare" book series by Enid Blyton
  • Belinda ZitoOpal Koboi's human alias in the series Artemis Fowl
  • Lunch Lady Belindacharacter in the YouTube series "Most Popular Girls in School"
  • Belindacharacter on Disney XD's "Kirby Buckets"

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