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Gender: F Origin of Basilia: Greek, feminine variation of Basil

Rare but attractive female form of Basil.

Famous People Named Basilia

Basilia de Worcester, wife of Meyler de Bermingham of Athenry, Ireland
Basilia de Bermingham, Irish religious patron and ancestor of the family Mac Jordan of Connacht, daughter of the above

Pop Culture References for the name Basilia

Basilea, legendary first queen of Atlantis
Much used in medieval England, though the reason for its popularity remains something of a mystery; perhaps a reference to St Veronica as Basilia in the 'Mors Pilati' was responsible for the name's use
Can rhyme with Cecilia, or sound like the related word 'basilica'
Related: Basilissa, Basilla, Vasilia, Vasilissa (Vasilisa)

Bassilly, Basilie