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Gender: F Origin of Arlette: French, diminutive of Charlett, a variation of Charlotte

In modern America, it makes Arlene seem positively stylish.

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Famous People Named Arlette

Arlette or Herleva, mother of William the Conqueror
Marie-Arlette Carlotti, French politician and Member of the European Parliament
Arlette Chabot, French journalist and political commentator
Arlette Cousture, Canadian writer
Arlette Franco, member of the National Assembly of France
Arlette Grosskost, member of the National Assembly of France
Arlette Laguiller, French Trotskyist politician
Arlette Langmann, French screenwriter, film editor and production designer
Arlette Marchal, French film actress
Arlette Sterckx, Belgian actress
Arlette Zola, Swiss singer

Pop Culture References for the name Arlette

Arlette Lafron, character played by Ginger Rogers in the 1946 film 'Heartbeat'

Arietta, Arlet