Dutch, variation of Hadrian
"from Hadria"

Arjan Origin and Meaning

The name Arjan is a boy's name of Dutch, Punjabi origin meaning "from Hadria".
There's something particularly attractive about names with an interior "j" and Arjan is a prime example. The Punjabi version is pronounced with a conventional j as in jar; the Dutch Arjan, which is a variation of Adrien, pronounces the 'j' like a 'y'. Another Dutch version is Arje.

Arjan Popularity

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Famous People Named Arjan

  • Arjan SinghIndian Air Force marshal
  • Arjan Singh Aulakhbirth name of Arj Barker, American comedian
  • Arjan BajwaIndian actor
  • Adrianus Johannes "Arjan" de ZeeuwDutch footballer
  • Arjan van der LaanDutch footballer
  • Arjan Kumar SikriIndian Supreme Court justice
  • Arjan Nexhat BeqajAlbanian footballer
  • Arjan Hasid (born Arjan Jethanand Tanwani)Indian poet
  • Arjan Singh BhullarCanadian wrestler

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