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Gender: F Meaning of Annette: "the Lord has favored me" Origin of Annette: French, diminutive of Ann

Among the first wave of Frenchified names, now as passe as the Mouseketeers.

Famous People Named Annette

Annette van Vollenhoven-Sekreve, Princess of Orange-Nassau; wife of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
Annette Joanne Funicello, American singer and actress
Annette Lu (Hsiu-lien), former Vice President of Taiwan
Annette Carol Bening, American actress
Annette Ngosi "Annie" Ilonzeh, American actress
Annette Faye King, New Zealand politician
Annette Messager, French artist
Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, German poet
Annette Schwarz, German adult actress and model
Annette O'Toole, American actress
Annette Crosbie, Scottish actress
Annette "Netty" Garrett aka NettyPlays, British YouTuber
(Catherine) Annette Hanshaw, American jazz singer
Sandra Annette Bullock, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Annette

Annette Piper, character in Lauren DeStefano's "The Internment Chronicles"
Annette Hargrove, character in movie "Cruel Intentions"

Anetra, Anett, Anneth, Aneta, Anette, Annetta, Annett, Anetta, Anet