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Gender: Female

The name Annaliese is a girl's name . Annaliese and is often added to lists like Unique Vintage Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

Variation of Annalise

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Famous People Named Annaliese

Annaliese Dayes, English model
Annaliese Hitzenberger, Austrian physician
Annaliese Witschak, ex-wife of business mogul George Soros
Annaliese Puccini, American reality TV personality ("The Bachelor")
Annaliese McCann, Australian model
Annaliese Marie Terlesky, daughter of actors Jayne Brook and John Terlesky

Pop Culture References for the name Annaliese

Annaliese Stilman, character on TV's "Mindhunter"


Starelli Says:


Original is Anneliese I think.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Is this the original spelling, or is it Annalise? I thought this was the original, but not sure now.

SimoneKadele Says:


I like this spelling most.

Annalise Says:


Hello my name is annaliese and the person who said it has the word lie in it you are correct one my friends Mckenzie said the I am a liar as a joke and now she calls me AnnaLIESe

TheHumanCanvas Says:


I think that's unlikely. It isn't pronounced like "lies," so no one would think of that.

gracexx Says:


Not to fond of this name

Guest Says:


I thought the same thing about this name and Marliese but I think no one will pay that much attention to it because Anneliese is a classic name.

strawberrydino Says:


I don't really care for it considering it literally says "lie" in it.. and kids are cruel, they might end up making fun of the poor girl for being a "lier"...

Candler Says:


My favorite spelling