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Amoret Origin and Meaning

The name Amoret is a girl's name.
This lovely name from Spenser's The Faerie Queene is borne by a character who represents married love. A related unusual-yet-usable choice: Amabel.

Amoret Popularity

20 Names Similar to Amoret

Lists containing Amoret

Famous People Named Amoret

  • Amoret WhitakerEnglish forensic entomologist
  • Amorette WildAustralian netball player

Amoret in Pop Culture

  • Spenserian: "Faire Amoret" (a.k.a. Amoretta.k.a. Amoretta)
  • AmoretMissouri, a U.S. city
  • Amoretin "The Children of the Red King" series by Jenny Nimmo

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