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Gender: M

Famous People Named Amasa

Amasa, Biblical nephew of David
Amasa, one of the heads of the children of Ephraim, son of Hadlai (2 Chr. 28:12)
(Amasa) Leland Stanford, American industrialist and governor of California
Amasa Cobb, U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin and Civil War officer
Amasa Coleman Lee, lawyer and politician, father of novelist Harper Lee and inspiration for her character Atticus Finch
Amasa Walker, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
Amasa Norcross, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
Amasa Mason Lyman, American Mormon leader
Amasa Dana, U.S. Congressman from New York
Amasa Junius Parker, U.S. Congressman and New York Supreme Court justice

Pop Culture References for the name Amasa