Gender: Female Meaning of Alizabeth: "pledged to God" Origin of Alizabeth: Variation of Elizabeth

Alizabeth Origin and Meaning

The name Alizabeth is a girl's name meaning "pledged to God".

Unusual and attention-grabbing, but this unusual spelling also could make your child's life more complicated than it has to be.

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Isabella_188 Says:


I hate Alivia, but adore Alizabeth!

Isabella_188 Says:


This is a pretty alternative to the mega popular Elizabeth! The only problem is that most people would probably misspell this.

AlizabethArwen Says:


This is my first name. I love it and people always comment of how pretty it is and how thats how Elizabeth is usually pronounced anyway.

amberdaydream Says:


There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the name at all - I never said there was. Just pointing out a name that underwent a similar pattern.

alyssum Says:


It might look a little dated now, but I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with the name Kathryn, and I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with this variant of Elizabeth either.

(Of course, I might have a personal bias, because one of my middle names is the classic, classically spelled Elizabeth, and I have never liked it- for one thing, people found ways to tease me about it. But I suppose that just goes to show that you can't please people even if you stick to the classics.)

Peyton Says:


Alizabeth is pronounced the same as Elizabeth. I adore this name. The traditional spelling as Elizabeth is beautiful. Though, it is mostly associated with Queen Elizabeth, and It looks old fashioned. When I see Alizabeth, it looks like a beautiful flower. What a very easy and simple change to a classic name. Alizabeth is lovely!

paulapuddephatt Says:


This is truly awful. Elizabeth is a beautiful, classic name. Elisabeth is the only alternative spelling that I like. Experiment with nicknames, as the name has so many, but leave the full version as it is.

cadybugg Says:


This is my middle name and I've always loved the spelling. It's pronounced just like 'Elizabeth'. I think it's a good twist on a classic name, though I might be biased.

Yessica Says:


AAAAYE lizabeth.

iipostmvh Says:


I like this. Spelling issues aren't as serious as people make them out to be. At least for me it isn't, and my name requires complete spelling.

Hylian Wizard Says:


I like this name, too. More so than Elizabeth.

Matthew Says:


This is a beautiful name! Alizabeth looks very pretty in writing, and I love that it is a simple change of the first letter from the classic name Elizabeth. I thought of a lovely flower when I noticed this name. Gorgeous!

amberdaydream Says:


It might make Elizabeth more modern, but that's what people thought regarding Kathryn instead of Katherine / Catherine in the mid 20th century.

TaliaCat Says:


Why is this even a name? Just stick with Elizabeth.

ElizabethPennsylvania Says:


I love this name! It is only one letter changed from Elizabeth, the E to an A. It also has the same exact pronunciation, most people that say my name (Elizabeth) pronounces Elizabeth like there is an A or U there instead of an E. Instead of saying Elizabeth like an e (like in Easter), most pronounce it like an A anyways without even realizing it. It is traditionally spelled like Elizabeth and I have notice many people spelling it like Ellizabeth, Elisabeth, Elizzabeth, Elyzabeth, Ellyzabeth, Alyzabeth, and Elysabeth. Elisabeth being the most common difference in spelling that I have noticed so far. They still sound like Elizabeth, but they have more of a difference in spelling than what Alizabeth does, and it is a lot easier to let somebody know that Alizabeth is spelled the same only beginning with an A instead of an E, and it sounds better than being like my name isn't spelled like E.l.i.z.a.b.e.t.h it is spelled with two z's or with the the third letter being a y instead of an I, and so on. Spelling Elizabeth with an A is not going to be anymore difficult of an explanation than it is letting people know that your name is spelled with an S instead of a Z like Elisabeth for example which is another beloved way of spelling Elizabeth by many. Even with my name being traditionally spelled like Elizabeth I am quite confused to why a lot of people so far find it to be so strange or attention seeking to change the beginning letter from an E to an A. If you like the name Elizabeth then you should definitely like the name Alizabeth. It is a beautiful name that isn't as socially accepted or common, but I feel that it will have a lot more popularity later on.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Alizabeth is the twin of Alivia.

NaomiNY Says:


My middle name is butchered! My beautiful middle name T_T

Guest Says:


Oh God, this is worse than Alivia. I'm literally cringing.