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Gender: F Origin of Alida: Diminutive of Adelaide

Alida had a brief flurry of popularity a hundred years ago but is rarely used today. But given the rise of so many names related to Adelaide and Adeline, Alida might be rediscovered.

Famous People Named Alida

Alida Bosshardt, (1931-2007) "Major Bosshardt;" Salvation Army officer
Alida Bolten (1903-'84), Dutch freestyle swimmer (1924 Olympics)
Alida Chelli (1943-2012), Italian actress, singer & TV hostess
Alida Gray, American judoka & MMA artist
Alida Rockefeller Messinger, American philanthropist
Alida Neave, former South African tennis player
Alida Rouffe (1874-1949), French actress
Alida Swart, member of English girl band Vanilla
Alida Valli (1921-2006), Italian Actress
Alida Vasquez, Mexican composer
Alida Withoos (1661-1730), Dutch botanical artist & painter

Pop Culture References for the name Alida

Alida, heroine in Barbara Cartland's book Fire on the Snow
Alida, Saskatchewan, Canadian village of 106
Alida de Roos, Max Greyslaer's wife in Hoffman's novel 'Greyslaer'
Alida, Norwegian grandmother in Gary Paulsen's "Alida's Song"