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Gender: Female Pronunciation: eye-la Origin of Ailla: Meaning unknown

The name Ailla is a girl's name . Ailla and discussed in our forums with posts like "What would be the perfect twin?".

From the experts:

Ailla is a name with many possible derivations, including Cornish (possibly meaning "beautiful"), French (deriving from Ailler, meaing Garlic), Finnish (related to Helga) and Turkish (where it may have a meaning connected to moonlight). None of these derivations are very clear; what is certain is that Ailla is a name with a beautiful sound and an international flavor.

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Ailla is a spelling variation of the name "Ayla" and has different meanings. Ayla in scottish means "from a strong and resilient place", in Turkish means "halo around the moon" or simply "moonlight" and in Sanskrit means "light".


Lali Says:


My name! I love it very much. One of my nicknames is "Lala".

cricketbell Says:


Thank you! I'm beginning to love it just now.

vintageisfave Says:


Ailla Rachel is super nice!

cricketbell Says:


That's my name! This name can actually be pronounced two ways: eye-la (which is the same way that Ayla/Isla is pronounced) and eye-ee-la. People often call me both. I love everything about it. Ailla Rachel.