"lime tree, lime blossom"

Nea Origin and Meaning

Variation of Linnéa

Famous People Named Nea

  • Nea KontioA Finnish politician for The Green League
  • Nea Lampeladaughter of Finnish singer Eija Kantola and musician Markus Lampela
  • Nea Liimataineno.s. Mokkila, A Finnish keyboard player for the rock band Tiktak
  • NeaStina Liljedahl, A Finnish football player
  • Nea MattilaA Finnish sprinter
  • Nea ProninA Finnish hurdler

Nea in Pop Culture

  • Nea Kiviprotagonist of Merja Jalo's "Nea" book series
  • "Nea"song by Eija Kantola
  • Lei Nea aka Laneycharacter in the Matched series

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