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Gender: F Pronunciation: AY-lish Meaning of Ailis: "noble" Origin of Ailis: Irish form of ALICE

This attractive Gaelic form of Alice can also be found in the phonetic form AILISH. It was introduced into Ireland by the Normans in the French form ALIZ.

Ailis was the name of a notorious fourteenth century witch from Kilkenny. Ailis the Beautiful, a contemporary of King Arthur, had her face covered by a veil so people wouldn't faint (or die) from the sight of her beauty.

Nicknames used in Scotland include Ailie and Lissa.

Famous People Named Ailis

Ailis Ni Riain - Irish classical composer & writer
Ailis McSweeney - Irish sprinter
Ailis, a 14th-century witch from Kilkenny, Ireland
Ailise Agate - German/American blogger

Pop Culture References for the name Ailis

Ailis the Beautiful, a contemporary of legendary King Arthur