"band of warriors"

Fianna Origin and Meaning

The name Fianna is a girl's name of Scottish, Irish origin meaning "band of warriors".

Fianna, a virtually unknown Irish name in the US, combines the best elements of Fiona and Brianna. In Irish and Scottish mythology, the Fianna were independent bands of warriors. It has ranked in Northern Ireland's Top 100 for girls several times over the past decade. The name also has potential political connotations: Fianna Fáil is a conservative Irish republican political party.

Fianna Popularity

Famous People Named Fianna

  • Fianna Francis MastersonDanny Masterson & Bijou Phillips' daughter

Fianna in Pop Culture

  • Pronounced "FEEen,nuh" (NOT "fee,Anna")
  • This is the modern Irish word for "soldiers" found in the name of one of the main Irish political parties: Fianna Fáil (Soldiers of Destiny).
  • In Irish legend the Fiannapopularly called Fenians, were a band of warrior heroes guarding the High King of Ireland.
  • FiannaBratz doll