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Gender: F Meaning of Achsah: "adorned" Origin of Achsah: Hebrew

Spelled with or without the final "h," Achsah, pronounced AK-suh, was the daughter of Caleb in the Old Testament. We can't imagine anyone finding it greatly appealing.

Famous People Named Achsah

Achsah (Alse) Young, first recorded person executed for witchcraft in the thirteen American colonies

Pop Culture References for the name Achsah

Achsah, mad wife of Sadrach in 'A Father in Sion', a short story in 'My People' by Caradoc Evans (1915 book that made its author hated throughout Wales)
Achsa Luckett-Restless sister of Sayward Luckett, main character of Conrad Richter's settler saga "The Awakening Land"