"God is my father"

Abiel Origin and Meaning

The name Abiel is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God is my father".
Abiel is a biblical name (he was the grandfather of Saul) that was used by Puritans, particularly in Massachusetts, so it has a long pedigree. Parents are increasingly looking for underused traditional names, and this name, with the great nickname option of Abe, is ripe for more use!

Abiel Popularity

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Famous People Named Abiel

  • Abielgrandfather of King Saul and Abner, Saul's captain of the host (1 Samuel 14:51)
  • Abiel the Arbathitevaliant man under King David (1 Chr. 11:32)
  • Abiel Abbot LowAmerican shipping magnate
  • Abiel AbbotAmerican clergyman
  • Abiel HolmesAmerican Congregational clergyman and historian
  • Abiel FosterU.S. Congressman from New Hampshire
  • Abiel WoodU.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
  • Abiel T. La ForgeAmerican early partner in Macy's department stores
  • Abiel LebeloSouth African anti,apartheid activist

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