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Gender: M Meaning of Abbott: "father" Origin of Abbott: Hebrew, Aramaic

Abbott is a neglected masculine surname with religious overtones as the head of a monastery. Though the feminine nickname Abby could be a slight drawback, Abbott is still an attractive offbeat possibility.

The political activist and co-founder of the Yippies, Abbie Hoffman's birth name was Abbott.

Abbot (one 't') Kinney is known for developing Venice, California--whose main throughfare bears his name.

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Famous People Named Abbott

Abbott Lawrence, U.S. Congressman and founder of Lawrence, Massachusetts
Abbott Handerson Thayer, American painter and naturalist
Bud Abbott, American comedian of duo Abbott and Costello
John Joseph Caldwell Abbott, Prime Minister of Canada
Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia
Preston Joe Abbott Nyman, English actor

Pop Culture References for the name Abbott

Abot, Abbie, Abbot, Abby, Abott

Abbott's International Variations

Abboid (Gaelic) Abbé (French) Abad (Spanish) Abt (German)