675+ Girl Names That End in S

  1. Gates
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "person living near town gates"
    • Description:

      Actress Gates McFadden proves this surname can work just as well for girls as boys. It joins an impressive lineup of celebrity babies with similar names, including Hillary Duff's Banks and Emma Roberts' Rhodes. Gates is also famously the surname of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.
  2. Martus
    • Cordiss
      • Hills
        • Origin:

          English word name, nature name, and surname name
        • Description:

          While Hill reads as a nickname for Hillary, adding an S puts it in the same category as plural nature names like Rivers and Brooks. It also softens the name's image: one hill is an obstacle, but many together form a lovely landscape. Hills are also a recurring image and metaphor in both the New and Old Testament.
      • Felis
        • Elexxus
          • Annys
            • Vardis
              • Griseldis
                • Andrus
                  • Origin:

                  • Meaning:

                    "strong and manly"
                  • Description:

                    This traditionally male variation of Andrew was used by tennis player Lindsay Davenport as a middle name for her daughter Lauren.
                • Snædís
                  • Origin:

                  • Meaning:

                    "snow goddess"
                • Janess
                  • Gladis
                    • Nargis
                      • Origin:

                        Urdu and Uzbek variation of Narges, Persian
                      • Meaning:

                        "narcissus flower"
                      • Description:

                        This form of Narges is popular in India, where it is commonly associated with Nargis Dutt. Dutt is considered one of the greatest Indian actresses of all time.
                    • Queries
                      • Blyss
                        • Origin:

                          Spelling variation of Bliss, word name
                        • Description:

                          This spelling of Blyss was used for about 20 baby girls in the US last year, but it doesn't add anything to the original.
                      • Filis
                        • Ilanis
                          • Ynes
                            • Elexas