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  • Leonidas

    Leonidas is an ancient name that has started rising again along with centuries-old names such as Augustus and Cato. The original Leonidas was the most famous of Sparta's warriors, sacrificing his... Read More 

  • Chandler

    For a generation, this name will always be linked to 1990s hit TV series Friends. Whether this is a positive or a negative will depend on your fondness for the show, and character... Read More 

  • Mauricio

    Variation of Maurice.Read More 

  • Mohammad

    Variation of Muhammed.Read More 

  • Fletcher

    Fletcher is a common surname with a touch of quirkiness; it definitely fits into the So Far Out It's In category--and moving further in all the time along with other occupational names from Parker... Read More 

  • Hezekiah

    This name of an influential Old Testament king of Judah is one that would challenge even the most adventurous biblical name-seeker, but it does have the modernizing short forms Zeke or Kiah. Read More 

  • Mohammed

    This variation of Muhammed is not as popular as some, but it still is a widely used choice.Read More 

  • Kingsley

    Kingsley is a sophisticated Harry Potter name that entered the US Top 1000 in 2013.

    Writer Kingsley Amis is its most famous bearer. Cousin Kingston is also rising in popularity,... Read More 

  • Salvador

    A common epithet of Christ, frequently heard in the Hispanic community, Salvador could also be a great choice for artistic parents, given the continuing popularity of Dada and Surrealist painter... Read More 

  • Mitchell

    Mitchell has had something of a roller coaster ride, showing some panache in the forties and fifties, when it was seen as a sharper alternative to Michael with its cool Mitch nickname, slipping a... Read More