18 Letter Girl Names

  1. Juvenal
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

    • Description:

      A 1st century Roman satirist whose name may be a little too close to "juvenile" for comfort.
  2. Speedwell
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "flower name"
    • Description:

      A pretty blue wildflower traditionally considered a universal healer and lucky charm – the name is because the sight was thought to speed travelers safely on their way. An interesting addition to the group of handsome boy names ending in -well, like Maxwell and Bramwell.
  3. Victoria elizabeth
    • Yamileth guadalupe
      • Milagros guadalupe
        • Kimberly guadalupe
          • Samantha guadalupe
            • Estrella guadalupe
              • Victoria guadalupe
                • Fernanda guadalupe