Maori Names for Boys

  1. Tai
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "great extreme"
    • Description:

      Tai, which rhymes with Kai, is a unisex name with a range of international references. It means the equivalent of "too much" in Chinese but is also used as a Maori name meaning "the tide" and in Romanian means "yours." While it's only ever ranked in the U.S. Top 1000 as a girls' name, during the height of the popularity of Olympic skater Tai Babilonia, Tai makes a simple intriguing modern choice for either gender.
  2. Maaka
    • Winiata
      • Origin:

        Maori surname
      • Description:

        Winiata is a Maori version of the English surname Wynyard, which is nowadays closely linked to several prominent Maori families.