Scottish Gaelic Names for Girls

  1. FerelithHeart
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "true sovereignty"
    • Description:

      Ferelith is an unusual yet deeply-rooted Scottish girl's name, also found in ancient Ireland and drawn from the Gaelic Forbhlaith or Forbflaith. While it went through a period of dormancy after the Middle Ages, there are some modern women named Ferelith, including actress Ferelith Young and Princess of Denmark Anne Ferelith Fenella Bowes-Lyon.
  2. TeasaghHeart
    • Origin:

      Scottish variation of Jean
    • Meaning:

      "God is gracious"
    • Description:

      Teasagh or Teasag, which can be Anglicized as Jessie, is a Scottish form of Jean, which itself originated as a Scottish feminine form of John. Scotswomen called Jessie are more likely to be properly named Teasagh than Jessica.
  3. SeonagHeart
    • BeitrisHeart
      • ÉimhearHeart
        • DaibhidhaHeart
          • JenniceHeart
            • BearnasHeart
              • RuaraidhHeart
                • DíorbhailHeart
                  • PeigiHeart
                    • BhictoriaHeart
                      • CeitHeart
                        • BarabalHeart