Names that Peaked in 1992

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Top Names that Peaked in 1992

  • Ricardo

    Richard is far from fashionable, but Ricardo is one of the most popular Spanish names for boys in the US. And it does... Read More 

  • Sergio

    Widely heard in both Italian and Spanish households, it is most identified with spaghetti western director Sergio Leone. Read More 

  • Desmond

    Desmond is a sophisticated and debonair name, with noble ties to 1984 Nobel Peace Prize-winning Bishop Desmond Tutu, and with some great nicknames: Des/Dez, Desi/Dezi.

    Another notable... Read More 

  • Pedro

    Pedro is one of the most familiar Spanish names for boys, via baseball star Pedro Rodriguez and many others. Read More 

  • Kelsey

    Yesterday's hottie, today's mom name. Read More 

  • Zachariah

    This distinguished name still feels a bit ancient, but with the rise of such former graybeards as Jeremiah and Elijah, it also sounds child-friendly again, as does the Latin-Greek form Zacharias. ... Read More 

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea is still being used, but it was much more popular a few decades ago--it peaked at Number 15 in 1992. Chelsea first entered the American consciousness in a major way via the character Jane... Read More 

  • Dillon

    Different origin from the Welsh Dylan, but increasingly used as a variant spelling to honor Bob Dylan or Dylan Thomas. Still, the Dylan spelling is found 20 times as often as Dillon.Read More 

See Unique Names that Peaked in 1992