Names that Peaked in 1965

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Top Names that Peaked in 1965

  • Tony

    Tony, as in classy. Or To-nyyy, as yelled out a tenement window. Read More 

  • Karen

    Karen is a Danish diminutive of Katherine, an English name derived from the Greek Aikaterine. The etymology of Aikaterine is contested, but generally considered to have arisen from the Greek root... Read More 

  • Darren

    Darren and wife Sharon shop for fifties memorabilia on eBay. The Connecticut place-name Darien might offer an update. Read More 

  • Kelvin

    Kevin-Melvin hybrid cloned in the 1920s and still alive. Read More 

  • Rodney

    Rodney peaked at Number 33 in 1965 and has been on a steady decline ever since. As its popularity history indicates, this name is more fitting for someone born in the mid-twentieth century instead... Read More 

See Unique Names that Peaked in 1965