Names that Peaked in 1910

  1. ArnieHeart
    • WillieHeart
      • Origin:

        Diminutive of William
      • Description:

        There have been many great Willies (Mays, Nelson, Wonka), but a boy with this name could never ever go to England. Most people will also assume it is short for the more traditional William, which might be the best avenue for achieving this nickname.
    • JohnnieHeart
      • Origin:

        Diminutive of John, Hebrew
      • Meaning:

        "God is gracious"
      • Description:

        This spelling of the traditional nickname for John is a bit more feminine than Johnny, based on the fashion at the turn of the 20th century to use boyish diminutives ending in -ie for girls.
    • OsborneHeart
      • AlHeart
        • EinoHeart
          • HalleyHeart
            • Origin:

              Scottish and English
            • Meaning:

              "hall or woodland clearing"
            • Description:

              While this has a distinguished male namesake -- astronomer Edmund Halley and his comet -- it still strays too close to the superpopular feminine Hailey family to work for some parents for a boy. Fewer than five baby boys were given the name last year, but that could change as formerly-female names become more acceptable for boys.
          • LeolaHeart
            • OdisHeart
              • AdellHeart
                • JewellHeart
                  • MozellaHeart
                    • LoreeHeart
                      • CoreneHeart
                        • CorineHeart
                          • OdellHeart
                            • JohneyHeart
                              • EstellHeart
                                • OzellHeart
                                  • IrineHeart