Names that Peaked in 1883

  1. LithaHeart
    • ByrdHeart
      • Origin:

        English word name
      • Meaning:

      • Description:

        One of the rare cases where spelling a name with a y makes it less rather than more feminine. Birdie might be the freshest choice in this aviary.
    • ThurlowHeart
      • ArkieHeart
        • BlanchardHeart
          • Origin:

            French, White deer
          • Description:

            This name is usually seen as a surname, but could be used as a first in the tradition of Cooper, Sawyer etc.
        • GeorgeannaHeart
          • Origin:

            English, combination of Georgia and Anna
          • Description:

            With the first two syllables pronounced Georgie, it has a stylish Masterpiece Theatre air.
        • LellaHeart
          • MontHeart
            • Origin:

              Diminutive of Montgomery or French
            • Meaning:

            • Description:

              Monty Burns, on The Simpsons, smashed to pieces any goodwill for his first name leftover from Monty Python. But if you drop the "y," you're left with a distinctly Gallic sounding nickname name. If it feels to slight for the birth certificate, there are tons of ways to get to it as a nickname: Montgomery, Montana, Montreal, even Montmorency.
          • CeasarHeart
            • Description:

              Variation of Caesar
          • ChanceyHeart
            • JepthaHeart
              • Origin:

                Variant of Jephthah
              • Description:

                The middle name of a Duck Dynasty castmember, who goes by Jep, derives from the rare Old Testament name that's gone almost completely unused for centuries.
            • CorrieHeart
              • OrleyHeart
                • LuettaHeart
                  • ClideHeart
                    • WessHeart
                      • AlbertusHeart
                        • LinnaHeart
                          • PearlaHeart
                            • LuteHeart