Names that Peaked in 2010

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Top Names that Peaked in 2010

  • Madisyn

    Both Madisyn and Madison have lost ground in recent years.Read More 

  • Amani

    Popular with Muslim and African-American parents, this virtue name also fits in with the trendy i ending names being seen at the moment. It debuted on the US Top 1000 in 1996. ... Read More 

  • Keyla

    While Kayla has been a mainstay in the US Top 1000 list since the 1960s, alternate version Keyla is relatively new, first entering the charts in 2002. While this spelling also has the possibility... Read More 

  • Kole

    We prefer the version made classic by the witty and talented Cole Porter. This version is much less widely used.Read More 

  • Lexie

    Lexi and Lexie, pixie-ish offshoots of the prolific Alex family, have come into their own, remaining in the Top 1000 for more than 20 years now.

    Perhaps the most well-known appearance of... Read More 

  • Lailah

    Almost any other Leila variation would be better. Consider Layla, Leyla, and LeilaRead More 

  • London

    In the US, London is popular for both sexes, though as the name rises for girls, it's levelled off for boys. Of course, London is far less popular in the UK and other English-speaking countries.Read More 

  • Jaelynn

    The lynn suffix makes this one of the more feminine spellings of the popular name Jaelynn, which can also be spelling Jaelyn, Jaylin, and Jalen, among many other variations.Read More 

  • Xzavier

    With the trendiness of both X and Z, this spelling has it all. However, there's no real need for the added letter, unless you're looking for extra Scrabble points.Read More 

  • Konnor

    Some creative spellings work, and then some just don't. We think this one falls into the latter category.Read More