Variation of Verna, Latin

Vernice Origin and Meaning

The name Vernice is a girl's name meaning "springtime".

Part Verna, part Bernice, Vernice saw use as a girls' name during the heyday of both those names. Both entered the Top 200 in the 1880s, where Verna lasted until 1940 and Bernice a decade longer.

While there are still a few dozen baby girls named Verna and Bernice each year, Vernice has become extinct.

# 915 in the US

Vernice Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Vernice

  • Vernice Armourfirst black woman U.S. Marine aviator
  • Vernice Doris FergusonU.S. Veterans Affairs nurse executive
  • Ebony Vernice HoffmanAmerican basketball player
  • Erma Vernice FranklinAmerican R&B singer, sister of Aretha Franklin
  • Catherine Vernice "Cat" GloverAmerican dancer and choreographer
  • Vernice Carlton SmithAmerican male NFL player
  • Vernice "Bunky" GreenAmerican male jazz alto saxophonist